A journey to raise awareness around mental health and the effects of childhood trauma.



The ‘damaged goods’ talk is a 45 minute interactive journey designed for educational environments, with the purpose of developing character and inspiring internal growth within the students that attend the session. This will be done through a composition of storytelling, factual knowledge and statistics, practical demonstrations and creative media.

One of the fundamental teachings of this talk will be the understanding that our power comes first from acceptance of the areas of our life that we know are damaged. Often, and certainly through my experiences, I had to accept that I was struggling to begin to make real positive change. So, the name ‘damaged goods’ has been chosen to give power to what was once perceived as powerless, as a declamation of self awareness, to shift the narrative from:

‘A person who is regarded as inadequate or impaired in some way’


‘a person open and aware of fractures within their emotional structure, working to strengthen their foundation and future’.

Like the Japanese art of Kintsugi, often our strength, our story and our value comes from our vulnerabilities.