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Using first hand experience to not only INSPIRE your workforce, but give them TOOLS to support their mental health.

Bringing an honest approach to what life can feel and look like in the corporate world when you’re battling with your mental health, while also helping your business create a safe environment for conversation.

‘damaged goods’ Talk

After undergoing 11 months of weekly psychotherapy and medication while working in a top Global Executive Search company, Daniel gives an honest, open and raw approach to mental health in the workplace.

This talk focuses on the personal, career, social and environmental pressures he faced in his journey through the corporate world, and the negative beliefs and behaviours that would unfortunately see him struggle to sustain his role after 2 years.

Daniel provides staff with a powerful story to help convey his key messages, while giving staff the tools and skills to be able to effectively manage their mental health so that your work force can flourish; in and outside the office.

Professional Film Production

As an organisation, you could invest countless ££££ into internal resources to support your staff with their wellbeing. But if your staff don’t feel comfortable using them, then a lot of that investment is wasted.

This is why ending the stigma around mental health, and creating a safe environment for conversation is so important.

Daniel, and a team of videographers direct, film, edit and create short professional films for you to use as a fun resource to let your staff know that it really is okay to speak about mental health, and anything that they might be struggling with.

Our team have worked on campaigns for Reiss, JD, Adidas, G-Shock and Reebok to name a few. So trust that you’re in good hands!

“Daniel’s openness about his own history of mental health and how past trauma had impacted him in ways he did not realise himself initially was incredibly impactful.  The fact that he has worked in and understands a commercial environment meant that he can fully empathise with the struggles that employees can face. He engaged our team in ways that a lot of people talking around mental health may struggle to and is clearly passionate about having a positive impact and encouraging people to talk about their struggles. I would highly recommend Danny as a speaker for any commercial business that values mental wellbeing.”

Andy Shatwell – Managing Director – Charlton Morris

Let’s see what CHANGE we can bring…

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