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A raw, open, and honest approach to really make a difference to your institution.

A blend of performance, research, knowledge, facts and anecdotal information to ensure the key messages and themes are not only remembered, but acted upon.

‘damaged goods’ Interactive Talk

The ‘damaged goods’ talk is a 45-minute, interactive journey designed with the purpose of developing character and inspiring internal growth within the students that attend the session.

The talk focuses first on building a connection with the learners, a connection that they can relate to, that approaches them on their level. With this in mind, Daniel uses comedy, poetry, music, popular culture, sports and has even had a pair of customised Nike trainers designed for a powerful analogy to use in the presentation.

Everything that Daniel wish he knew then, he gives to the students. In the hope that they don’t go through the years of mental difficulty he did.

Staff Training

There are currently two staff training webinars available:

Webinar 1 has been designed specifically to give staff a deeper understanding of the journey through education for a child battling with their mental health/unresolved trauma. This webinar also explores practical ways to end stigma and create a safe environment for conversation within educational settings.

Webinar 2 answers some of the key questions we find staff have when it comes to mental health. This session explores the importance of mental health literacy and how to approach that conversation while also discussing ways to support a learner who is struggling to open up about their mental health.

Professional Film Production

Ending the stigma around mental health within schools is extremely important. It enables both staff and students who may be struggling to use the support services your school has invested in.

One way we achieve this is by directing, filming, editing and creating professional short films that can be used as a valuable resource in assemblies or form times.

Whether a documentary-style piece that features personal experience, or a short scripted film that features both staff and students in collaboration. This can be a great tool to use for letting those who work and attend your organisation know that it really is okay to talk about mental health.

Wellbeing Video

The ‘Wellbeing’ video is a 10-15 minute video with digital animation that gives learners an understanding of the activities and behaviours that contribute to our overall wellbeing, and why maintaining our mental health is so important when it comes to being able to flourish and achieve in life.

This is a great resource that your organisation can use across form times and/or assemblies whenever you need.

It also works great as an introduction to Daniel and his story before students attend the ‘damaged goods interactive talk’.

I can’t thank Daniel enough for everything he’s done for our students. We were blown away. It was one of the most inspiring days of my life.

Zara Wright – Assistant Principal Farnham Heath End / DSL Weydon Multi Academy

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